I had a good day, work went well.

But there are moments when I remember everything and anger swallows me whole. It just hits me.

I am so angry that a senseless accident took my friend’s life. All deaths are painful but the accidents are on a level that no one ever understands.

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Off to work. My goals:

1. Accomplish my tasks successfully

2. Try networking

3. Avoid feeling sad

4. Eat

#4 will be the easiest. #3 will be the hardest. 

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My high school friend was from the class of 2008. I keep thinking what will happen with my class, class of 2007? Will we ever meet in a reunion this year or at all? Will we be next to meet for a tragedy? Is this a part of growing up?

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I don’t trust this Luke in . I have a feeling he’s going to be the undoing for the group. We’ll see if I’m wrong in 10 weeks or so

Oh I’m going to party tomorrow for my job. Or a social gathering. Whatever they call it these days. You can tell I’ve been social.
I’ll get my paycheck tomorrow too. A majority of it will pay my bills. And the rest I can save up. Not a bad deal.

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Not much else I can do. But at least its something. It’s the same time everyone will be meeting at my high school for a memorial. What a pity everyone will reunite under these circumstances.

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All caught up for tonight. I am slow and just realized the show takes place in Portland, Ore.

Only took me 7 episodes..

A suspect in the last episode was speculated to have kidnapped a little girl. His alibi was he had been hiking at Mt. Hood and drove all the way to Beaverton after being attacked by a dog and getting bitten.

I thought that sounded fishy since it’s a long way to drive after being seriously injured, especially solo.

West Coast represent. I haven’t lived in OR for 15 years but represent!!!

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Yesterday there was a memorial gathering for Neil in my hometown. I couldn’t go for obvious reasons. I guess I have to pay my respects in my own way but it’d be easier to do it others. Something will be done at my high school over the weekend but flying cross country isn’t a viable option. Not to mention I have work this weekend.

I feel like retreating into a shell.

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Last night I dreamt about Gossip Girl, Megan Fox, Viking warriors and beheadings.

I don’t even know.

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Today was hard. Even though I had lost touch with Neil after high school learning about his death changed me.

Today was hard but manageable. I volunteered per usual and walked my favorites at the Humane Society. I took out the two greyhounds who turned out to be devils. Someone had left a plastic bag full of dog treats perched at the top of the park gates. One of the greyhounds knocked it down and the other went for the treats like it was crack. We had to pick them up and chase the hounds off. Another volunteer threw her treats and the bag over the gate which was hilarious. All because the hounds were both on her trying to get the treats.

Also watched Bones tonight, that was cool.

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